Knightlife is a disco in your head. A disco crammed to capacity with neck-snapping beats, visceral stabs of bass and high camp handclaps to boot.

It all began with parental vinyl. There was E.L.O. and the Bee Gees and Fleetwood Mac; there was Giorgio Moroder and 10cc. There was a year of high school trumpet in there at some point too, but that really has nothing to do with anything.

Truth be known, film was the original inspiration – Ridley Scott’s opaque cinematic atmospheres, the unhinged surrealism of Terry Gilliam, the brilliance of Francis Ford Coppola – film school soon followed.

But you could say that Knightlife was Daft Punk’s fault. Sure, there were a few battered Chic records lying about, but when came down to it, it was Daft Punk that did the most damage. August 2006, in Tokyo, to be precise. It was pilgrimage of sorts, with the express purpose of seeing the enigmatic Parisian duo live. After witnessing them onstage that day, Knightlife boarded a flight home, switched on a computer and began to create. Tracks to dance to; tracks to; tracks to listen to anytime and anywhere; dance music with mirror-ball-burning rhythms. Knightlife was born.

But that was only the beginning. A debut 12” on Cutters Records and a string of remixes for the likes of Alex Gopher, Midnight Juggernauts and the Bag Raiders quickly ensued. Then it was off to deejay around the globe, most recently in North America supporting his label head-honchos, the all-conquering Cut Copy.

Now the man in the helmet is back with a new 12”, Knightlife II (Out in May on Cutters Records) features the pulsing synth-disco gem CRUSADER – an epic journey through luscious breakdowns and sheer four-on-the-floor stomp. And DISCOTIRSO – a staccato aerobic house workout to rival Paris’ best.

This long-awaited follow up to 2007’s ‘Knightlife I’ will show that the Melbournian wunderkind possesses an ear for music that’s as attuned to the club as it is the lounge room – or kitchen or shower or wherever it is you do most of your dancing.

A – Crusader (6.43)
B1 – Discotirso (4.16)
B2 – All Systems (Nile Delta Remix)(5.07)