There’s some good news for you this week because Knightlife has returned with a synth-laden new single, “Without Love“, to follow up 2011’s rather excellent and much praised “I Want You EP”.

For the uninitiated, Mike Gamwell, better known as Knightlife, is one of our most prolific artists, a keen amateur fencing champ and a collector of taxidermied tropical birds. He cut his teeth as a remixer claiming an impressive collection of scalps early on including Midnight Juggernauts, Bag Raiders and The Swiss. A series of four EP’s was to follow, all of which drew critical praise among the blogging elite and in the case of 2011’s ‘Serve You Right’ taste-making Australian radio station triple j:

“Australia’s disco swordsman, has jumped back on the horse (zing) and is back doing what he does best… making disco gems from the future!”

In 2012, Knightlife returns crafting songs that cater to the chaos of the club and the laziness of the lounge room, producing music that’s intelligent but never takes itself too seriously and drawing on influences from ELO to Giorgio Moroder and The Human League.

‘Without Love’ is the first sample of Knightlife’s debut LP (due 2013) featuring vocals from his equally mysterious, serial collaborator known simply as ‘AP’. Synthier and more eclectic than you may remember him, this is classic Knightlife with a fresh lemony twist.

1. Without Love
2. Without Dub