Voltage features Joel Dickson (AKA Nile Delta) with production assistance by Bobby Boomerang (AKA Cut Copy’s very own Dan Whitford).
All Night is a dazzling cut of future disco with the haunted house vocals of Sydney band Ghoul’s Ivan Vizintin. The flip, Q.E.2., is the kind of late night low-slung disco-not-disco groove that exists purely for the freak folk after the 4am mark.
A selection of remixes of All Night are on offer, with Canucks Azari & III delivering the kind of jacking rubber funk they’re fast gaining a reputation for. Ilja Rudman slows turns the ohms waaaay doooooown and takes the party to a hazy beach party right around 3am, while In Flagranti work themselves into their typically convulsing so wrong it’s right spazz dance. German outfit Munk turn in a tactfully restrained, spacious take, while the mysterious Turkish Prison give All Night the kind of creepy organ donation it always deserved.

Voltage is here and now, powering your station.

1 – All Night (6.20)
2 – Q.E.2 (5.47)
3 – All Night (Ilija Rudman Rmx)(6.39)
4 – All Night (Azari & III Rmx)(7.19)
5 – All Night (In Flagranti Rmx)(4.16)
6 – All Night (Turkish Prison Rmx)(4.37)
7 – All Night (Munk Rmx)(5.39)