He’s been called the baron of the beats, a knight of life, the life of the night, or even occasionally plain Mike Gamwell, To you and I though, he is only Knightlife.

He’s Cutters Records’ secret weapon and he’s back with the 3rdtome in his royal club catalogue, Serves You Right / Otherway.

The new 12″ follows on from Knightlife I (2007) and Knightlife II (2009), funnily enough, both promising quests into the future of dance with a healthy respect of the past from the Melbourne-based producer. With a string of distinguished remixes in between times, Serves You Right / Otherway again sees Gamwell forge onwards and upwards, adding yet more strings to his accomplished bow.

The 12″ takes off with Serves You Right, a whole other level of regal sophistifunk. It’s a workout of vigorous percussive energy, classic clav shapes, and for the first and one suspects not last time in the Knightlife oeuvre, vocals.

The flipside is Otherway, itself another new look for Sir Mike. Taking queues from classic techno and early sample-based house, Otherway builds a beast out of the bones of dance music, a looping, building up and breaking down, finely tuned slab of sample stabs wonderfully attuned to a timeless dancefloor.

On the remix tip, Emperor Machine takes to Serves Your Right with a massive lance and slays a giant bubbling analogue dragon of a remix, as is his wont.

And there it is, Knightlife – ‘Serves You Right / Otherway’ on your platter. The sands of time tell us we won’t be waiting long for his next strike.


1 – Serves You Right (6.25)
2 – Otherway (7.44)
3 – Serves You Right (The Emperor Machine Remix) (5.22)