Our newest artist is actually someone who has been around since the very beginning of Cutters. Sanctuary Lakes comprises members of two Australian electronic bands who have been making waves since the early 2000’s and have both been heavily involved with the label.

Borne in Brooklyn during idle time improvising in front of the meditation station on television, Tim Hoey sent rough sketches of his noodling to Andy Szekeres in Melbourne, initially to see what his old friend made of them. Beyond merely offering feedback, Szekeres went ahead and added to the songs, initiating a workflow than became an almost wordless conversation between the two, as files drifted back and forth with the currents until deemed done.

Tim Hoey is most widely known for his work in Cut Copy, Andy Szekeres in Midnight Juggernauts. Together they are Sanctuary Lakes…

Today saw the unveiling of a track “Our life together” from their forthcoming debut album due out on cutters June 21 on vinyl and digital. Listen below: