Introducing The Miracles Club, a collective that fuse a love of classic house music and experimental pop. Having released an their debut EP through Mexican Summer last year, they return with a vibrant 12″ and digital EP, ready for the dancefloor. 

This record features their newest anthem, ’So Hot’, alongside some international reworkings of ‘Light of Love’. The result is a radiant and celebratory Cascadian psychedelic acid house excursion. Having quickly emerged as instigators in Portland, Oregon’s underground dance music community, members Rafael Fauria, Honey Owens and Ryan Boyle fuse elements of classic Chicago acid house, world music, left-field pop and contemporary dance. Their infectious transmissions and live happenings have energized Portland’s current Madchester style explosion of club music mutations. 

The Light of Love Remixes EP captures the band’s beauty, joyous humour, and pure club instinct in full effect. “So Hot,” featuring frequent guest vocalist, Justin Green, juxtaposes the band’s heady, futuristic, and reverberant sound-space with a tightly wound Acidic rhythm track, culminating in an avalanche of piano chords.
Cutters Records’ label bosses Cut Copy give us an enhanced edition of ’Light of Love,’ the psychedelic piano house jam from the band’s iconic first single. Also included is a dubbed out house mix by New York’s Neurotic Drum Band, and an etherial ambient reinterpretation by Ulysses. Add this snapshot of the band’s evolution to your record crate quickly before they mutate their timeless house experiments into an uncharted and bright future.

Since we’ve known them, the Miracles Club have been on a mission spreading the joys of classic dance music vibes with their own unique pop twist. Their style draws from an expansive palette including early New York & Chicago house, Detroit techno, and psychedelic pop. On stage The Miracles Club have manifested live alongside acts like Larry Heard, Glass Candy, Gang Gang Dance, MikeQ, Kim Ann Foxman, Blondes, and Hunee as well as releasing 12” EPs and providing remixes on labels such as Mexican Summer, Wurst, Ecstasy (their own homegrown shop), Discaire, Future Classic and DFA. Not a bad resumé…

The U&ME EP is their most accomplished release to date, featuring the classic piano-led house stylings of title track and the bubbling, hypnotic “Ocean Song” as a fitting counterpoint. On the remix front, the release includes a soaring acid-balearic workout from Cutters’ own Nile Delta, an energetic reinterpretation from argentine house guru Ultimate Man and then winding into darker more spacious territory for the Discodromo remix. The U&ME EP is out now; available on 12″ vinyl and digital.

1 – Light of Love (Cut Copy Revision)(6.25)
2 – Light of Love (Neurotic Drum Band Remix) (7.44)
3 – So Hot (Club Mix)(5.22)
4 – So Hot (Old School Mix)(4.21)
5 – Light of Love (Ulysses Remix) (5.52)