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Somewhere around the year 2000 there was a guy called Dan who bought a sampler, turntables a keyboard and started a music project called Cut Copy.

Nobody really cared. Six years later, Cut Copy had evolved into a band that had actual fans and toured the globe and made people want to jump around and lose their shit. So around this time, a plan was hatched to start a label to share and promote amazing music from the scene that had started to develop around them in Australia and sounds they were exposed to on their travels with the band.

In 2006 Cutters Records was born, kicking off with releases by friend and techno maestro K.I.M and psychedelic sci-fi dance-ateers, Midnight Juggernauts. The label’s aim was simple; to foster quality music and generally create a hypnotic dance vortex in the club, on the stereo and in your record collections. Since then we have seen signings of various artists and projects from Knightlife to Nile Delta, Kauf and The Miracles Club & more.

Hey, we love music…. hopefully you love ours.

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