Number 3 in our Artist of the day series are the infinitely talented Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung.

Andras lays down his light-footed outdoor groove and flotation tank funk while Oscar ad-libs his sensual vocal takes to worn tape. Their smooth collaborative EPs; Embassy Café ‎and the newly-released Café Romantica reference two late night Melbourne institutions.

Fans for Andras’ music beacon all over the globe, appeased by regular tours of Japan and Europe, his cult radio show Strange Holiday and DIY video directions.

Since bursting onto the scene as one half of Oscar + Martin in 2010, Oscar has established himself as a solo artist with his refreshingly spacious productions, buoyant performances, and a sumptuous voice that harkens back to a classic lineage of heart-on-sleeve R&B front men.

Andras & Oscar are featured as part of Oceans Apart – out November 7th (AUS) 10th (US/EURO) on digital & 2 vinyl 12″ EPs > Preorder iTunes

Check out their video for Looking Back:

(the vid apparently draws inspiration from Australian dance pop pioneers the Reels and RSPCA ads from the 1980s).

And they were also responsible for one of our absolute fave tracks of last year. Listen and love…